The Omen Project began with works dealing with the Atomic Bombings of Japan and the ongoing war machine of the USA. This multi-media project concentrates on the Body of Light, NEMO in the Cave, and the Voyager Couple, Humanity-Him and Nature/World-Her, in a state of disruption-destruction and separation. Currently this has been in the form of the Voyager Couple and the idea of Souls dislodged by the atomic blasts traveling through space as screams of horror.


Crossroads makes the connection between the Manhattan Project to build the Atomic Bomb, and the Operation Crossroads testing the H-Bomb to the colonization of Tribal land in America and the Pacific. In Manhattan crossroads historically is the Lenape Kintecoying, the Crossroads of the Three (local) Nations, at what is now called Astor Place. In the case of this project the three nations are the indigenous nations of Turtle Island (in particular, those of the Four Corners), the Marshal Islands (Bikini Atoll), and Japan connected by the War Machine of the US military. Currently this site is inhabited by a large black steel cube sculpture, whereas before colonization there would have been an Oak or Elm tree at the meeting site for the leaders of the three nations. This project would include Super 8 film and video of these roadways and the crossroads accompanied by footage from the two bombing and the two test detonations. At the center of the film and video installation would be a sculpture of the stump of an Oak tree and the twisted rebar remnants of the tower that held “the Gadget” (the nickname of the nuclear test device).




2021, multi-channel installation plan film/video loop, and sculpture



Crossroads 1

2021, 3:16, Super 8 film to video transfer, no audio






2021, multi-channel installation plan slide show





Crossroads, Kintecoying

2019, mixed-media, 8" x 10"





2021, multi-channel installation video loop



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