Dream Of Her

Installation Proposal, 2010-16

I Remember...  



a. The day begins.


b. It's you.


a. I begin again.




Deep Black Incantation #18: Cesura

2011, 6:13, mono audio




Deep Black Incantation

1999-2014, 33:00, 2-channel installation loop, stereo audio


Ren, 2015, acrylic on panel, 60” x 48”


Wall Installation, 2014




Black Mass, corner installation (photo diptych), 2015



'Death is Old.
The oldest thing that I can remember.
I watched over her body for a week.
A stick and a fire.
First a Lion (came for Her)
Then Vultures ringing the sky.
So in a pit my hands buried Her.
With a bed of flowers,
And veil of stones.'



Dream Of Her
Multi-channel Video & Installation

This is a cyclopean cave of dreams for one (Person a.k.a. Deep Black) who is lost in the darkness and cold depth of space. Calling out from the void for a life remembered, a lover left behind. These are His signals "Where have you gone?" he intones, "I am not the one who left" She replies, Her transmissions from the heart ‘all I ever wanted was your love.’ But can he hear? ‘Somewhere between the heart and the mind some thing went wrong.’ These installations are a combination of many ideas that I have worked with over the years: space, shamanism, magic, Egyptian death rites and Nuclear War. Odysseus is in his cave, rites of death for the Earth, Nuclear War has shaken the Universe, the Shaman probes the silence of space between the stars for signs of life, signs of Her, signs of his love which has been lost, attempting to return Her or perhaps it is to return Himself from the land of the dead, the ‘Lost Shore’.

  • Monoliths:

Standing geometries, black with some fluorescent powder pored on sections

  • Wall piece:

Silhouette of a man holding his hand out to his left (Voyager plaque sans her)
Ren (panels) with starman drawing, equations and notes
‘All I ever wanted was your love.’

  • Magic Circle with:

MDB #12 loop on the floor within the magic circle
Electronics and blinking lights emitting transmissions from the audio stack
Green suitcase with his costumes
Blue suitcase with fetish objects, Her costumes and artifacts
Brown Breifcase with the Body of Light project
Aluminium Briefcase with Deep Blacks affects

  • Him and Her:

    Memory Of Her installation
    Deep Black Incantation #18: Cesura
    The Omen Project 2-channel video loop
    His (Deep Black) costume hanging from a coat stand
    Her tunic hanging from a coat stand

    Love Letter in a red velvet lined black box

  • Light sources casting shadows





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