The breaking of the One (Atom) is the supreme cause whose effect is to shatter the Body. His (‘humanities’) action is the cause and Her (‘nature’) death is the effect. In the various projects produced as the Omen Project we see this death drive of His again and again. His leaving and Her calling out, “STOP!” Her body, the Earth, Humanity, fields of battle, rivers of blood, mountains of bones, valleys of death. 

These are the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which in a flash of light and rays of death(The Body Of Light) first turned bodies into light and shadow, light projected out into the depth of space and shadows cast to the earth. The body is annihilated but what of the soul? Is there a ‘soul death’? Is that final moment of Nova, of Atomic transmutation carried out at the speed of light to the stars? Are they out there now, mind and soul, castaways set sail? 

With the Desert (2nd) Portal installation we again begin searching the heavens and the Earth, building portals and antennas to reach Him. To reach through the darkness, looking for evidence, listening for news, for clues, for reports back from the beyond, awaiting signals of his humanity and his Search For Home.



Ghosts In The Machine

Static Transducer Antenna, 2019, installation proposal (composite image)

•  Night Sky (wall projection mapping)

•  Cactus and Wolf (cardboard) installtion with TV snow projections

•  Horizon (cardboard) installation with TV snow projection

•  Static Reception Transducer Experiment, radio antenna, effects  system with internal speaker; and fog manchine with TV snow projection; J. R. Oppenheirmer silhouette







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