How To Stop Time
Multi-channel Video & Installation Performance

This is a revolt to revive a blackened heart. This is a scream carnal and naked before the void between the stars, putting one self in a state to transport the body and the mind, running ones nerves through a type of scales. Scales of exploration, scales of understanding, opening like a carcass to the world. How to Stop Time functions to open a portal in time to heal a void left on Earth from Atomic War.

"Burning from the inside open the flesh."






  • Lights out, strobe and shadows
  • Alarms
  • Mirrors, some broken in performance
  • Void Noise tracks
  • Drift video
  • Overhead projector with mixed media
  • Black Mass, pile and antenna
  • Fetish items
  • Suitcase (contains props, and electronics)
  • Brown briefcase with the Body of Light project
  • Alluminum briefcase with Deep Black affects
  • Small amp and noise generator
  • Ren, Chalk board and equations
  • How To Stop Time, text



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