Nerve Scales
Multi-channel Video & Installation Performance




  • Lights out, strobe, fog, shadows, and mirrors
  • Video Projections
  • Binary Signals, video loop for iPads or monitors
  • 2 Suitcases (contains props, Fetish items and Costumes)
  • 2 Briefcases (with various props and items)
  • PA, electronic noise makers, tape loops and samples
  • Piles of Black Umbrellas
  • Graffiti:

    "Somewhere Between The Heart And The Mind, Something Weant Wrong."

    "Burning From The Inside Open The Flesh."


  • 20-30 minute action performed center stage
  • Turn off the house lights
  • Begin noise electronics and audio loops
  • Open the kit containing items
  • Video started
  • Make a magic circle
  • Actions to charge the circle
  • Nerve Scales action
  • Break a mirror on the floor
  • Set audio, videos et. al. to pulse loop
  • Alarm goes off
  • Space and actions ends with space resonating with Signals and Messages looping
  • War Text




Nerve Scales #1
2013, 00:14:551, stereo audio






Binary Signals.




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