The Body Of Light

A Psychic Operation

At The Lab SF, San Francisco, CA, 12/11/99

Special thanks to Matthew DiGumbia for mixing the sound, Scott Cannon for operating the lights, Maya Hayuk for photography, Wendee Key for costume design, and everyone who helped transform the space. I would also like to thank Laura Bruhn for wanting to present my work, and the staff at the Lab for all their help in making this show happen.

Undocumented were the Guardian Angels, led by Tanya Vlatch reciting 'Breath In.'

Technicians, Tim Pickerill and Mike Supple at work on the Body (Joe Curcio)



Metaphysical Animals

the Man (Johnny Valentine)



the Minetaur (Miles Nowhere)



Anthropomorphic Green

(Greg Mooney)




(Nol Simmons)

Energizing the body with the four directions.

Angel of Death

(Wendee Key/costumes)

with audience members dancing 'ring around the rosie'


Angel of Death

(Jana )

'Wake up'






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