Synchronicity Mapping

Field Plots of
Macro Synchronicity Mapping

In these mappings important sites for the area are connected: manmade, natural, and time oriented.
Large bodies of water, movement portals, and pathways, cemeteries, and population gathering points are looked at.
Other points are locations of personal importance.
Found objects are brought in to attenuate the connections
These points are being assembled and correlated over time in an attempt at finding booty and other treasure.
Results will be presented at a future time.



Budapest Synchronicity Mapping

Budapest Subway Map and Found Objects

Blue #1a Nepstadion Football Stadium, I didn't play here but I scored my first ever goal at a field on one of the Islands up by Sentendre. My friend Jean Luis from Show-N-Tell lives there with his family, Judit and Robert, and got me to stay through the weekend to play a game with the local guys. It was a headshot. Spectacular the crowd roared… (orange whistle)
Red #2a Kerepesi Cemetery, what can I say? A lot of dead people. (a nail)
Pink #3c UFF Galleria, I had my first one man show here. We met Robby at the Ludwig up on castle Hill, #5, he stayed with us at Chuba's Folsom St. warehouse in SF. He went nuts on speed then disappeared not at the Ludwig though at the warehouse. The show was called the Body Of Light, or in hugarian Feny Test. (body of light slide cut out)
Red #4a Czaszar Baths, Turkish bath house; you must leeve the past behind to be clean. [Olympia bottle opener]
Blue #5b Castle Hill, a great place to roll a j. The Ludwig Museum is up there to. We went to a fabulous opening for some Scandinavian Fluxus Dude. Very cool. Robby was there and told us he would make a call.
Blue #6b The Parliament. Also Nador Gallery where I was in two shows and where Jean Luis had his Show-N-Tell . I would walk down to the Duna, draw and think kind of quiet like.
Pink #7c Nyugati Train Station, that was how I entered the city both times, once from Paris, and once from Berlin.
Red #8a Varosligeti Park. Nice lake and also the largest body of still water in the city. (plumb weight)
Yellow #9c The studio that I stayed in. I put the body of light show, 'Feny Test' together here. (found keys)
Green #10d Liszt Ferenc Ter. I would go there for espresso and sitting, hashish and reading. Also Szu Sza lived here, and the meditation center I went to was around the corner. Szu Sza was my contact.

The Riddle is solved: Other modes of thought fit to transit point, the spokes of the wheel turn.


Brooklyn Synchronicity Mapping

Brooklyn Street Map and Found Objects

Blue #1a JFK, is where I entered New York. (I travel heavy)
Green #2a Prospect Park lake, the largest body of still water in Brooklyn. (plumb weight)
Green #3b It's a secret. (yield, marked gateway to the infinite)
Green #4b Red Hook grain silos. My first job in New York was here, working lights for a Zaccho aerial performance. (inter office package, for Noah Pierson)
Blue #5a DUMBO, is a large transport portal of coming and going. It is also a hub for artists, another type of transport I suppose. It is also where I often work. In October I will have my first showing in New York at The General Store. (subway token)
Yellow #6a The Cemetery, what can I say? A lot of dead people. (a nail)
Red #7b I live here. (found keys)


Manhattan Synchronicity Mapping

Manhattan Bus Map and Found Objects


Pink #1a (at top) Transportation portal. I ride the A train a lot. (metro card)
Black #2a WTC (white and orange tag, marked the double)
White #3b 42nd Street. My first job in Manhattan was at the Duke. (ticket #254171 = 20 = 2, Noah Pierson)
Blue #4a Central Park Reservoir. The largest body of still water in Manhattan. (plumb weight)
White #5b (outer left) Lower East Side. I lived here for a short time. (found keys)
White #6b The Mars Bar. It's a secret. (orange and white tag, marked the blind man)



New York City Synchronicity Mapping

showing synchronicity geometry




Temporal Field Portal Generation and Exploration

The temporal activities past, present and future throughout space leave residual patters known as memory within both the undifferentiated and differentiated temporal (mind) fields.
When the harmonic resonance patterns of synchronized light, sound, action and memory are applied as inductive force (mnemono-harmonic resonance) to a historical site (terminal A of time circuitry) and human participants (terminal B of time circuitry) a charged current may be found between terminals.
The resonance pattern and flux current produced creates a field portal and it is through the currents within this field that temporal exploration occurs.
A temporal field portal may be produced using a 'Memory (Mnemono-Harmonic) Engine', an array of light and sound oscillators, media projections, and cutup News media.
Portal operation is aligned with the general and specific site orientations, articulation actions, and time sensitive synchronicity.
Psychonaut activities are governed by site history, in relation to the topic for temporal exploration, and the experience and receptivity of the psychonaut involved.
A 'Mind Tap' may be actuated through the articulation and manipulation of the nexus points of a resonant time circuitry, focused on a receptive mind within the temporal field core.

'Memory Engine' Primary Elements

1 General Orientation: matrix orientation
2 Specific Orientation: artifact memory: remains, historical recreation, video and other media;
room 'coloring' frequency, architecture, and structural nodes
3 Carrier Signal Wave Engine: light/sound pulse generators applied to the architecture
and aligned with the room 'coloring' and matrix orientation
4 Articulation Engine: symbols, language, actions, and mobile resonators
5 Synchronicity: force lines, flow channeling and inertia of light, sound, and human activity.



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