Hazards Of The Moon, installation proposal

Before you is the Hero's journey into darkness, the Mysterious Deep Black. Deep Black having ravaged the earth produced a rupture separating the completeness of her body, producing the Moon. An incomplete world always reaching out, schizophrenic in its split, cold and barren, warring perpetually with the Earth. The Earth bleeding in turn through this strife, heart and mind lost to each other. Within this realm we find the darkness of his being and the rough bearing of his actions upon the world ('Ensanglante' covered in blood) a land of the dead. These are the Hazards of the Moon and his dark separation. He is indeed a 'Mother Fucker' plumbing the deep, at war with the world and himself. In the Hero's Journey Deep Black (Person, Nemo, Odysseus) must undergo this trial through a fall from grace before arriving at understanding. The Hero must be tested, broken even, until alone he enters a cave of sorts, the center, of self discovery before transformation.



I apply the cold slap

and a shove out the window...

9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0...

born of red earth and ink black night

the knife enters, cleaving the one
opening an emptiness, emptying a fullness
Person looks for her.


" Where are you? Where have you gone?"

" I am not the one who did the leaving."


Deep Black Incantation #7: Transmission

2004, 4:35, mono audio

As the earth of man reseeds from the waters, furthering the
desert, sapping the body
salt relieving the void, mirages emptying into thought
children echo the return of the mother/father.
The first word born of their becoming,
here I am, this is my cypher.
Opening to the sky, fill me
I am yours, beloved...
When I was three my mother went away
to the hospital. She had cancer,
a lump in her breast. The doctors
cut it out, removing her breast
to the bone.
One half of the universe dissolves
the son is alone with the father
Silence becomes enthroned in time, which is separation.
the chick calls out, randomly dialing numbers
until one connects, the signal holds
ringing fills the ears, further into the desert, dive...
An answer, 'yes, hello.'
Person asks, 'Do you know where my mother is?'


Deep Black Incantation #8

2005, 4:31, installation loop, mono audio



Time has ended
With an open mouth and an open ass
Screaming into the void
As my sex crawls beneath the night
My sex…
Enveloped in the boiling of the sky
My sex…
Tuberous snouts probing
A cankered earth
Extracting poisons
Time honored
Canceling the void
Silence scattered
Between cries

Deep Black Incantation #9: AMOK!

2006/7, 9:00, installation loop, mono audio



(developed from 2005-2008)





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