Mnemonic Transduction Experiment

SFSU, 1997, San Francisco, California

Built within an abandoned foundry pit this interactive installation used pulsating lights and sound to lubricate the mind thus facilitating a cathartic stream of consciousness experience. Participants were asked to talk with Nemo while reclining within the installation, telling a life story an improvisational narrative, relating their day's events or simply speaking their mind. Elements included 10 cm of water, 2 wooden pallets, a 5 channel resonating speaker assembly, tape loops, theater lights, clear polyethylene tarp, frankincense, and a blue canvas cover. All participant interactions were recorded and fed into the tape loops. Surveys taken following the experiment revealed the effectiveness of mnemonic transduction.


Speaker Assembly

San Francisco, California, 1997
5-channel speaker assembly for tape loop oscillation production


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