Nerve Scales, multi-media installation

Nerve Scales as a series and this proposal are part of my larger, 20 year, body of work, the Omen Project. The Omen Project is based on my understanding of the Iliad and the Odyssey and other works – Human alienation from Nature and the overemphasis on ego, logic, matter, and power at the expense of our connection to other, love, Nature, and understanding – and directly relates to our current state of constant war, and continued alienation. Nerve Scales be the struggle of the ‘Mind’ within the physical mortal shell of the world at war. Screams are exactly that, the guttural, visceral reaction to this state; and Dark Clouds a metaphoric work, the failure of the Umbrella, the protector, the failure of our better nature’s to choose a different path. A mass of toil, folly, and fear conjoined with the noise, smoke, and flash of the warring human failure.

  -- said poetically --
Odysseus is in his cave, rites of death for the Earth are enacted, Nuclear War has shaken the Universe, the Shaman probes the silence of space between the stars for signs of life, signs of Her, signs of his love which has been lost, attempting to return Her or perhaps it is to return Himself from the land of the dead, the ‘Lost Shore’. This is a Scream from the void putting one self in a state to transport the body and the mind, running ones nerves through a type of scales. Scales of exploration, scales of understanding, searching, opening like a carcass to the world.

"Burning from the inside open the flesh."




Nerve Scales (group B)

digital photo from video, 2014

Nerve Scales (group A)

digital photo from video, 2014

Nerve Scales #7
2015, 1:01, no audio
Nerve Scales #6
2014, 1:34, no audio
Nerve Scales #5
2014, 15:00, no audio

Nerve Scales #4
2014, 00:02:30, no audio

Nerve Scales #3
2014, 00:03:54, no audio

Nerve Scales #2
2014, 00:03:54, no audio

Nerve Scales #1
2013, 00:14:551, stereo audio




Scream, digital photo, 2014



Dark Clouds, Polaroid series, 2016








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