Cybyl, recorded San Francisco, Ca, 1995; performed by Tim and Joe Curcio, and mixed by Joe Curcio.


This is a musical device made with two different types of spring steel coils,
these are attached with screws and metal plates to a hard wood box.
The coils are played by either striking them or bowing them with a cello bow.
The vibrations are picked up using piezoelectric pick-ups and then processed with a DD-5 or DD-7 BOSS delay pedal.
When bowing the coils a type of chordal structure is created by bowing multiple coil segments at once.
Depending on the orientation of the amplifiers and the room structure reverberations feedback into the device
and and various sound effects can be produced such as standing waves and wave pulses.
The devise does not like to be run through secondary audio systems
which tend to overwhelm the system and the discrete and controlled production of its peculiar feedback.



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