Synchronicity Mapping

Temporal Field Portal Generation and Exploration

Human activities in space leave residual patterns (memory) within both the undifferentiated and differentiated mind of the universe. Those patterns within a historical sight, its surrounding environment, or the people involved that have become crystallized, act as signal generators, which can be charted, tuned into, and tapping these mnemonic signals we can navigate, and interact with the mnemonic field. The signal may be tuned by isolating them, accompanying them with complimentary elements of various forms (light, sound, actions, dreams, and memories) arranged into feedback and induction circuits will induce charge and flow (mnemonic-harmonic resonance) in the mnemonic matrix of the site (terminal A) and human participants (terminal B). This charged current between terminals, either cyclical (feedback circuit) or linear (induction circuit), if strong enough will produce a field portal through which temporal exploration may occur. Portal operation is aligned with the general and specific site orientations, articulation actions, and time sensitive synchronicity. Psychonaut activities are governed by site history, in relation to the topic for temporal exploration, and the experience and receptivity of the psychonaut involved.  A ‘Mind Tap’ is actuated using a linear circuit drawing from the individual, through the articulation and manipulation of the nexus points of a resonant time circuitry focused on a receptive mind within the mnemonic field core. Where as a ‘Memory Slip,’ may be produced by reversing the flow towards the individual.

Temporal Engine Primary Elements:





Artists Space

digital image, 2019



Locust Projects

digital image, 2019



Momenta Gallery, Brooklyn

digital image, 2019



My Room in Bushwick

digital image, 2018



Issue Project Room, Brooklyn

digital image, 2018



Fridman Gallery, NY

digital image, 2018



Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn

digital image, 2018



Cue Art Foundation, NY

digital image, 2018



my bedroom (Vernon Ave.)

digital image, 2016


Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn

digital image, 2013


the Kitchen Gallery, NY

digital image, 2013


My former studio in Bushwick

digital image, 2013


a lower Manhattan gallery

digital image, 2010


My former studio in Greenpoint

digital image, 2006


Gale Gates Gallery (closed), Brooklyn

digital image, 2004


My Bedroom in BedSty

digital image, 2002


The Lab SF

digital image, 2000






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