Performance Proposals

"Burning from the inside open the flesh."




Audio-Video room intervention with various projections, and sound installation ellements -- a quadraphonic sound system and electro industrial sound performance with drones, harmonic effects, reverberation, difference tones, samples, music conrete, Cage, chaos theory, harmonic theory, mnemonics, ether physics, Zen, Holographic Universe, waves, waves, waves... PHI, etc.

Smoke and mirrors__ random event generators...

Signals will be sent...

Signals will be listened for...





How To Stop Time

This is a revolt to revive a blackened heart. This is a scream carnal and naked before the void between the stars, putting one self in a state to transport the body and the mind, running ones nerves through a type of scales. Scales of exploration, scales of understanding, opening like a carcass to the world. How to Stop Time functions to open a portal in time to heal a void left on Earth from Atomic War.


  • Lights out, strobe, fog, shadows, and mirrors
  • Video Projections
  • Binary Signals, video loop for iPads or monitors
  • 2 Suitcases (contains props, Fetish items and Costumes)
  • 2 Briefcases (with various props and items)
  • PA, electronic noise makers, tape loops and samples
  • Ren, Chalk board and equations
  • Magic Circle on the floor
  • Antennas


  • 50 minute action (30' minimum)
  • Turn off the house lights
  • Begin noise electronics and audio loops
  • Open the kit containing items
  • Video started
  • Make a magic circle
  • Actions to charge the circle
  • “I apply the cold slap, followed by a brisk shove through the opened window”
  • Break a mirror on the floor
  • Draw and write on Chalkboard and or Wall: incantations, equations, symbols, hands, messages, totems, #s
  • Alarm goes off
  • Space and actions ends with space resonating with Signals and Messages looping
  • Text For The Dead
  • Break the circle/cycle





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