Installations, drones, industrial noise and power electronics

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Here are a few wave forms from the coils above. The longer coil produces a primary wave of 2400 Hz very strongly as can be seen.

Below is the smaller coil.



Sound loop subwoofer.


Archeo-Mnemonic Transduction Experiment, 1997

The Messenger Service, Theater Artaud, SF, 1999

Albums can be purchased on line at Bandcamp.

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New Work:


Project X, 2018, 28:38


Listening Post, 2017, 49:57


Black Rain, 2017, 1:00:14


Black Mass, 2017

(2 1/2 Minutes To Midnight, 43:04 _ Steel Showers, 36:28)


Myrtle Broadway, 2016, 36:44


Melania, 2016

(Melania, 36:29 _ Dark Stars Above, 38:04)


New World Order, 2015

(How To Stop Time, 20:00 _ There Is No End, 9:04)


Death Rattle, 2015

(Death Rattle, 13:42 _ Day Is Done, 27:51 _ The Code, 22:26)


Deep Black Void, 2015

(Void, 24:41 _ Deep Black 12, 00:56 _ Deep Black 8, 4:32 _ Nerve Scales 7, 7:16 _ Nerve Scales 1, 16:44)


Older Work:

The Omen Project

1. Space Transport, 16:04, 2001-2005, layered electronics, Spring steel coils, cello bow and Boss DD-5 pedal, loops, odds and ends

2. Cain, 8:28, 2001-2005, layered electronics, Spring steel coils, cello bow and Boss DD-5 pedal, loops, odds and ends

3. Beyond Space and Time, 2:48, 2001-2005, layered electronics, Spring steel coils, cello bow and Boss DD-5 pedal, loops, odds and ends

4. Endgame, 7:19, 2001-2005, layered electronics, Spring steel coils, cello bow and Boss DD-5 pedal, loops, odds and ends

Cybyl, 33:31, 1995 with Joe Curcio (mixed media audio, Tascam 4-track recording)


Coil Resonator 2001


This is a musical device made with two different types of spring steel coils,
these are attached with screws and metal plates to a wood box.
The coils are played by either striking them or bowing them with a cello bow.
The vibrations are picked up using piezoelectric pick-ups and then processed with a DD-5 or DD-7 BOSS delay pedal.
When bowing the coils a type of chordal structure is created by bowing multiple coil segments at once.
Depending on the orientation of the amplifiers and the room structure reverberations feedback into the device
and and various sound effects can be produced such as standing waves and wave pulses.
The devise does not like to be run through secondary audio systems
which tend to overwhelm the system and the discrete and controlled production of its peculiar feedback.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:10:55 -0700
From: Jake Rodriguez <>
To: Bay Area New Music Discussion List <>
Subject: [BA-NEWMUS:1993] Review of NOISEFEST 2000 9/23/00
Saturday September 23rd NOISEFEST 2000 in Sacramento, CA
The day started off for us around 12:30 with GARY SINGH's ensemble which
included a bearded man in a skimpy bandleader outfit screaming through a
megaphone, and a mohawked man with a wooden springy weapon-like device
bowing the springs and the like with Singh seemingly mixing and effecting it
all.  Fun!  And they brought balloons!
  Next came a couple of hours of
sitting in a Taco Bell parking lot with the keys locked in the rental car
and the engine running, but, alas, a couple of bean burritos, a slimjim, and
a few greasemonkies later, and we were back at the fest just in time to
catch VERTONEN from Chicago who has various sheets of metal and wood that he
bows and scrapes into an infinite digital looping device, overlapping
sound-over-sound (I think it's called sound-on-sound in my box)--with rising
intensity and then pull the plug let everyone fall to the floor and kick
around the balloons for a bit (I blew up balloons bigger and bigger during
this set).  A few uninteresting (to me) techno-derived acts went on and then
a small gem called KLOWD who had a minimal setup involving a speaker, a
mixer and a long vibrating tube/microphone that he stuck towards the speaker
in order to make very interesting vibrating metal tube feedback sounds.  It
was short, maybe 10 minutes max and good yes, very nice length and was
enjoyed by those of us who caught it.  More or less interesting
techno-derived stuff and then up next was MOE!KESTRA! who set up outside on
the back patio with a large-ish ensemble of
winds/horns/percussion/bass/voice mostly acoustic and with two Butoh dancers
in front which proved to be the star attraction for me, as the dance was
fierce and slow, hugely grotesque, very upsetting.  The music seemed to play
off of the dance and vice-versa quite well and I found myself temporarily
forgetting the fact that Sacramento is infested with flies.  The wind/brass
section could've used a bit more umph for those sharp hits, but for a piece
scrambled together based on who showed up, I think it was quite focused and
bravo to Moe! for bringing some out some acoustic noise and for combatting
and coalescing with the metal band that was doing their standard four-song
sound check during the first half of the Moe!Kestra!'s performance in which
some of us positioned ourselves cleverly to capture the most amazing
post-punk psycho metal-accoustic performance ensemble ever imagined!  Up
next and finally was UBERKUNST, which quickly threw black tarp over the
entire (well, not completely) back patio and played music which I don't
remember because first out come these 4 Benny the Bumps (like in Residents'
Freak Show was Benny the Bump-a freak with a large extension of skin
protruding from the belly hidden underneath the shirt) and the bumps walk up
to the lead guy who cuts open the bumps and spills out blood and guts into a
homemade catapult and then catapults the blood and guts into the audience.
Then the lead Uber starts throwing blood-drenched vintage Playboy Magazines
out at the audience and everyone ran away screaming.  It was much fun mostly
because I didn't get hit by any blood or guts, and also 'cause this is the
guy who organized the whole event so I didn't have to feel sorry for the guy
who organized the whole event.  So we had lots of fun and somewheres in the
day THE BRAN (...) POS performed and it was also fun and even the locking of
the keys in the running car ended up being kind of fun too, although we did
note the lack of women noise performers as Moe's group was the only such
with such.





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