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The Beings who inhabit the 5th Dimension are not happy with humanity, I can tell you that, and frankly who can blame them? Enrico Fermi - commenting on the conjecture that the universe being so old, and galaxies filled with billions of stars, should be teaming with life - once famously asked “Where is everyone?“ Well, would you want to talk to a bunch of murderous, crazed animals like humanity? Donald Rumsfeld, spoke of ‘War Without End’ as if we hadn’t already been at War without end, when have we not been at war: Empire building - Slavery and Jim Crow, the Native Genocide, Nuclear War - the great American Trinity? SETI scientist’s have tried to send a message to alien civilizations and would like to do so again but personally I would send an S.O.S. or a Warning; however, most likely we are under quarantine, lest we infect the universe with our plague of insanity. These are conflicting notions of humanity, one searching for life, the other self-destructive. A schizophrenic civilization - brother, fighting brother, oppressing and abusing women, mothers, wives - destroying the Earth while looking for life elsewhere. Obsessing over the love lives of others. Loosing ones own love and life with fear, hate and greed for the ‘other,’ recapitulating the story of Odysseus again and again.


The Omen Project, begun 25 years ago, is an incantation, a constellation of works, and a puzzle connecting two worlds, Love & Horror. Centered on the synthesis of The Iliad & The Odyssey with Star Trek The Motion Picture the separation of the heart and the mind. While I had begun this work prior to 911 and the ensuring wars the import of this theme became all the more clear; without love the actions of the mind may become brutal, and life resolved to a stark and cold isolation without meaning or care. So while for 20 years I have been making art about a man who is leaving life I am now looking to find him searching for what has been forgotten by this Odysseus of outer space. Person, has been in hiding for many lifetimes but it is now time to come forward and wake the dead; The Trinity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions can be seen as either a warning or a death knell, this depends upon humanity waking up before the Earth cleanses her self of this vile infection.
Wake Up.

sunset light box scream TV BOL slides MDB pannel the visitor
Green Grass Crossroads Inst Crossroads cube Crossroads #1 Mad mapper
Nemo The Poet Assassin Black Mass The Omen Project Sunset
2021       2020
 Evidence  Where Is She Atomic Self  Green Door 

Stattic Tranducer



Strobe Drone The Mysterious Deep Black Voyager Project
Synchronicity Mapping and 4-channel audio installation
Black Mass
The Poet Assassin Nerve Scales
2019       2014
The Body Of Light (new instatllation proposal)
The Mysterious Deep Black (installation proposal) Odysseus In Space (installation proposal) The Lost Shore (installation proposal)

Cesura (dream play)

2014       2010
Scratch (dream play / opera)
Hazards Of The Moon (installation proposal) Nightshade (performance scenario)
Stary Night (installation proposal)
2009       2003
Nowhere (dream play)
The Body Of Light (installation proposal)
2002       1997


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