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Painting Audio Video Arts Art Books-Apple
Photography THE OMEN PROJECT The Poet Assassin-Book Patch
Sound Art Nemo's Cave Art Books-Blurb
Video Art Virtual Merch Table Art Books-Kindle


Ongoing Performance Proposals
Site Specific Sound Installation (ongoing)
Ghosts In The Machine (installation proposal)
Crossroads (installation proposal)
Stattic Tranducer Portal (installation proposal)
The Mysterious Deep Black (project and installation proposal, ongoing)
Voyager (project proposal, 2016-2019)
Black Mass (project proposal, 2014-2017)
Dark Clouds (photography and installation proposal, 2014-2016
Nerve Scales (video series & installation proposal, 2014-2016)
Odysseus In Space (theisis and painting series, 2012-2014)
The Lost Shore (installation proposal, 2010-2016)
Deep Black Incantation (videos and loops 2001-2014)
Hazards Of The Moon (project proposal, 2005-2008)
Stary Night (installation proposal, 2004)
The Body Of Light (project proposal, 1997-2002)
Synchronicity Mappings (2000-ongoing)
Necropolis (performance 2001/02)
The Omen Project (performance 2001)
Nowhere (performance 2000)
The Omen Project (performance 2000)
The Body of Light (performance 1999)
The Messenger Service (performance 1999)
The Body Of Light (performance 1998)
Ape Theater at Burning Man (performance 1994)
Ape Theater (performance 1994)


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