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YouTube Video Art (35) Vimeo
Sound Cloud Sound Art (10 albums) Bandcamp
Painting (8 series) Photography (30 series) Synchronicity Mappings
Nemo's Cave The Omen Project (all works since 1997) Odysseus In Space (treatise, 2010)
The Poet Assassin (on Kindle, booklet of poetry) Scratch & Cesura (on Kindle, libretto, 2009 & play, 2010) BlackMass-Zine (poetry and art works, 2014-2018)




Ongoing Performance Proposals
Site Specific Sound Installation (Synchronicity Mapping and Mnemonic-Harmonic Engins)
Voyager (art project & proposal, 2016-2018)
The Mysterious Deep Black (art project & proposal, 2014-2018)
Black Mass (art project & proposal, 2014-2017)
Nerve Scales (art project & proposal, 2014-2016)
The Lost Shore (installation proposal, 2010-2016)
Deep Black Incantation (videos and loops 2001-2014)
Hazards Of The Moon (art project & proposal, 2005-2008)
Stary Night (installation proposal, 2004)
The Body Of Light (art project & proposal, 1997-2002)
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